Rigid-bodies and Particles


Per-pixel marching squares dynamic collisions will offer you an everything you dream about in 2D physics sandbox world

Unlimited Procedural Generation


Survive as long as you can, cooperate with your friends to build, craft, explore, fight and travel.


Coming on Steam!

History of Development

I'm Jarro, a main developer of Pixelum. I've been developing small games and making cool mods for other games.

Back in 2012, I had an idea of sandbox sidescroller made up of pixels. So I did some attempts at it and left it abandoned. That's how it all started. And then, after 5 years, we have begun developing it from scratch.

So what's this all about?

Pixelum is a whole world made up entirely from interactive pixels, open to the players for exploration and all sorts of different interactions, combining fully destructible environment comparable to such in Worms and survival/building elements similar to Minecraft. This game has it’s own advanced system of advanced physics inspired by such simulators as Conway’s Game of Life and Powder Toy.

  • An open, potentially endless procedurally generated 2D world
  • Fully destructible terrain
  • Dynamic environment with day-night and weather cycles.
  • Hardcore survival simulator with brand new substractive health mechanics
  • Particle and rigid body physics
This list will get longer over time, because I have got tons of different ideas (as Multiplayer) on which I’m working really hard at the moment.

Questions & Answers

Q: Does this video show us how the game will look like in future?

A: No, not really. I do realize there must be done significant progress and improvements upon the graphics, so we are working on it heavily with 2D artist at the moment, implementing lot of ideas and making the gameplay and the graphics truly unique and fascinating right now.

Q: But how intense is the development process now?

A: Every day I work on a project and feel quite confident about the final results

Why Early Access?

During our Alpha and Beta tests, we (I and whoever will join my dev team) expect to receive a lot of feedback about the game mechanics, sound and graphics. After one year of development, Pixelum doesn’t need to be kept behind closed doors, but we still need your feedback on how the game feels on its every stage. We’re going to make a lot of changes and implement a lot of features, and we’re not quite sure how the audience will feel about every of them. And only by the way of interacting directly with the audience and listening carefully to an every game review and a proposal, we will do our best at developing Pixelum and passing it through the every stage of development. We've got a lot of features to implement following our development roadmap, such as:

 a lot of different NPCs
  a lot of items
  co-op and pvp multiplayer   
  graphics improvement
  advanced crafting
  vehicles and transport
  advanced lighting
  different biomes
  craftable mechanisms